I’m Dustin Cartwright, User Interface / Web Designer & Front-End Developer. With 3+ years experience, I've been helping companies expand their web presence by creating engaging user experiences and aesthetically stunning websites. Interested in working on a project together? Contact Me

  1. JCDFitness Website Design

    JC reached out to me to redesign his fitness website. We focused on his newsletter, products, and blog primarily in the redesign - with the aim to increase conversions. The end result is something with a more refined look, and better organized for his audience.

    Client Testimonial“I am forever grateful for finding Dustin. He's a designer who really understands UX/UI and knows how to bring an idea to life. My new website design came out better than I had it mocked up in my head! I'll continue to use Dustin's services and recommend all my friends to him.”

    JC Deen
  2. LGN365 Course E-book

    After being greatly satisfied with his recent website redesign, JC returned for help developing his most popular product's page. LGN365 is an E-book course to help clients build muscle, lose fat, and maintain those results without sacrificing all their time and effort.

  3. Kipin Hall

    Kipin Hall required a multi-talented approach, with both development and design being needed. I was sought to fill both those roles on a weekly basis to help launch a new website and back-end system. My largest contribution to the Kipin Hall experience was on the UX/UI front, making sure things remained consistant and easy to use for prospective students.

    Client Testimonial“We have been very much impressed by Dustin's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a identity for Kipinhall that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the development of our company.”

    Kipin Hall
  4. CSS3 Apple Keyboard

    Powered by newly leafed CSS3 standards, I made a replica of the popular Apple Wireless Keyboard. It only uses a single background image (for the anodized aluminum look), and the rest uses standard CSS. After being featured on Hacker News, Smashing Magazine, and Gigaom, I considered the experiment a success.

  5. Themes & Skins

    I've also been contacted to skin/theme various popular blogging back-ends, such as Wordpress. Branding the Wordpress platform has become a popular solution for companies to manage websites, as well as host a blog. Along with Wordpress, I've also worked with Tumblr and the now defunct Posterous.

  6. Splurgy Social Promotions

    Splurgy contacted me to help redesign the back end of their system with a focus on the user experience and conversions. My work was primarily focused on making sure the "payment" process was as smooth as possible for the audience, while also providing clients with conversions.

    Client Testimonial“Dustin is highly recommended for his professionalism, excellent communication and his attention to details. My experience with him was great from start to finish, and his services exceeded our expectations. Our company has worked with Dustin for several projects, and his creativity and responsiveness has been integral to our success.”

    Brian Kim - Splurgy
  7. Timeleav.es Time Tracking

    This was a personal project I started with a coworker, with the aim to build a simple time tracking and invoicing web applicaiton. It was never meant to lunch, more so to explore our skills in new areas and learn in the process.

  8. Along with my portfolio of recent work, I also have a large collection of older projects I would love to show you - Some of which are held under a NDA and can't be displayed publically. If you're interested in working together, get in touch! I have older work, client references, and a full resume available upon request.Contact Me